Service & Claims

Whether you need to open a claim, make a payment, or add a new vehicle, we’re here to help. Contact our office or find contact info for your insurance carrier below.
Open Claim: 1-800-242-7666
Customer Service: 1-800-242-7666
Open Claim: 800-375-2075
Customer Service: 800-543-2644
Open Auto Claim: 800-638-8763
Open Motorcycle Claim: 800-833-2244
Open claim: 877-467-2252
Customer Service: 800-362-2041 x2455
Open Claim:
Auto: 800-243-5860
Home: 800-243-5860
Customer Service:
Auto: 877-896-9320
General: 800-624-5578
Open Claim: 855-999-9746
Customer Service: 800-585-0705
Open Claim: 800-854-6011
Customer Service: 800-638-5433
Customer Service: 857-990-9080
Claims: 888-808-4842

*A contact listing above is not an endorsement, nor does it indicate an active partnership with the Jim Brant Agency. Carrier relationships are subject to change.