Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance in Hibbing, MN

Umbrella insurance in Hibbing MNLiability umbrella insurance is a low cost option that typically doubles or triples the amount of protection you have on your underlying insurance policies. An Umbrella policy works with your other policies to provide additional liability protection. For example, most auto and home insurance policies provide a maximum of $500,000 in liability coverage but one umbrella policy can increase the amount of coverage from each by several million. Contact us or request quotes to get started.



Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Up to several million in Liability Coverage
Uninsured Motorists Coverage
Underinsured Motorists Coverage
Worldwide Coverage

Can extend coverage on:

  • Auto liability
  • Personal liability
  • Motorcycle liability
  • Watercraft liability
  • Landlord liability
  • ATV liability
  • And more


Why Jim Brant Agency?

We’re Independent – Unlike many local agencies (known as captive agents) who only quote 1 or 2 brands, we work with over 30 insurance companies, to find you the great umbrella insurance. We’re on your side, not the insurance company’s.

We’re Local – Unlike the giant online insurance companies, we’re a part of your community. We’ll be here when you need us and you’ll always know where to find us. Plus, working with a local agent helps keep your hard earned dollars in the Hibbing region.