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Condo Insurance in Hibbing, MN

Condo insurance in Hibbing MNYour condo association may have insurance to cover your building and common areas, however it doesn’t usually cover damage inside your unit. So, you are typically responsible for your own unit from the walls in, as well as all your personal property. Each condo association may require you to cover different things, which is why it’s so important to work with an insurance professional. We’ll help you determine what needs to be covered and then find you great condo insurance rates. Contact us or request quotes to get started.



Condo Insurance Coverage

Liability Coverage – Covers you against claims from persons injured on your property.

Walls-In Coverage – Covers damage to your unit, picking up where your HOA policy ends.

Personal Property Coverage – Covers your furniture, clothes, appliances, and other personal property.

Loss Assessment Coverage – Covers you if the HOA policy limits are exhausted or you are assessed for a portion of the HOA policy deductible.

Scheduled Property Coverage – Covers special, high value property like jewelry, art, and guns that ordinarily have limited coverage.

Medical Payments – Covers small medical bills for guests that are injured on your property.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage – Covers appliances from sudden breakdown, not from normal wear and tear.

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Why Jim Brant Agency?

We’re Independent – Unlike many local agencies (known as captive agents) who only quote 1 or 2 brands, we work with over 30 insurance companies, to find you the great condo insurance. We’re on your side, not the insurance company’s.

We’re Local – Unlike the giant online insurance companies, we’re a part of your community. We’ll be here when you need us and you’ll always know where to find us. Plus, working with a local agent helps keep your hard earned dollars in the Hibbing region.