Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is one of the least purchased products in the industry. Only 37% of renters carry this coverage. In viewing the link below you will see over half of the renters in the country are 30 years and under.  Value seems to be the main obstacle when recommending a renters policy to compliment their auto coverage. In fact, renters insurance holds great value! I like to compare it to a homeowners policy minus the dwelling coverage. Properly written, in the event of a catastrophic event… fire, tornado or sever weather, renters provides three key coverage values. Personal property replacement, liability coverage and loss of use coverage. A good example: a fire breaks out in your apartment and all of  your personal belongings are destroyed. While running from the blaze you trip someone causing them bodily injury. What has occurred here? You are left with no clothes on your back, a medical bill for harming tenant and no place to live. However, if your neighbor had the same scenario but renters insurance the situation would be quite the opposite!!! His/her renters policy would cover personal belongings up to the applicable limits, say $30,000, cover the liability for harming the tenant up to the limits and provide money for loss of use of the dwelling. Use the link provided below for more great information on renters coverage.